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Christchurch, New Zealand, December 25

Log Entry:


Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year to everyone! We have finally finished our campervan adventure in New Zealand and will be flying to Sydney later this afternoon. I will try to update the site with all the new pictures we have in the next week. We spent Christmas in Christchurch at the Dreamland Hostel, run by a very nice Swiss gentlemen named Marcus. For Christmas dinner, Marcus organized a native New Zealand Maori "hangi" feast for all of the guests (about 15 of us). This basically involved digging a hole in the ground, building a fire topped with iron plates, letting the fire burn down, removing the coals and leaving the plates, then putting all of the food wrapped in foil into a wire cage lowered into the hole and covered up with wet sacks and dirt. A few hours later we had a great meal of roast pork, chicken, kumara, pumpkin, bread stuffing, potatoes, and cabbage. We ate outside on picnic tables, enjoying the 70+ degree weather. And we all smelled like smoke. And we liked it.

God bless you all! More to come soon...


The hangi pit

Marcus placing the irons

Playing with matches

Now that's a fire, sort of

Digging out the goods

Smells good!

Chow time with Edwin and Dennis from Holland

Dave, Sue, and the Charlie Brown tree